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Goodwin Suspends Candidacy, Endorses Opponent

Goodwin Suspends Candidacy, Endorses Opponent

(July 6, 2018) — T. Richard Goodwin, a candidate for Mayor of Carroll County, Tennessee issued the following statement: “As of today, I am suspending my bid for Carroll County Mayor and endorsing Joseph G. Butler for Carroll County Mayor. I realize my name will remain on the ballot, but I will be encouraging and asking those that are considering voting for me to change their vote for Joseph G. Butler.

“Joseph and I share the same goal economic growth for Carroll County. It is about jobs, jobs, jobs. I believe Joseph will work tirelessly to help our county grow again. We believe in equality for everyone and that includes the opportunity for good paying jobs, fair representation for all our citizens and a county that is not listed by the State of Tennessee as a Distressed County. I want to see us develop opportunities for children, and build a county that is good for them and their future. As I have heard Joseph say during this campaign, “We can do better.” I want to spend time helping Joseph move us forward.

“As Joseph and I have said during this campaign, we have lost jobs, we have lost population, and one in five of our families are below the poverty level. We should not continue to be satisfied with status quo.

“I love Carroll County. I love my home area of Hollow Rock Bruceton. I have enjoyed working in my business here.

“We are trending badly in growth, jobs and income levels for our citizens. It is time for every one of us to elect Joseph G. Butler our Carroll County Mayor, and it is time for every one of us to work with him in the coming years to turn our county around. We can. We will.”

Joseph Butler, the Republican nominee for County of Carroll County, issued the following statement: “Today, I want to express my gratitude to Mr. T. Richard Goodwin for his selfless, considerate act of endorsing our campaign. A Carroll Countian through and through, T. Richard represents so much of what is great about Carroll County – passion, determination, hard work, compassion for all, and friendship. It means the world to us that he sees something special in me. We agree that this endorsement is our best path to success on election day.

“I am so grateful for the support of Mr. T. Richard, his family, friends, and supporters. I know his influence and expertise will serve our campaign well as we move forward. It has already begun in our meetings together as we discuss jobs, education, fiscal responsibility, and unity.”

During the 2014 campaign, McBride received 2,596 votes (49.5%), T. Richard Goodwin received 1,678 (31.4%), Richard Fish received 82 (1.5%), Tim Pratt received 495 (9.2%), and Dennis Taylor received 494 (9.2%) – The McKenzie Banner.

Early voting starts July 13 and election day is Thursday, August 2.

Mayor Kenny McBride declined an opportunity to comment on the endorsement.

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