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Huntingdon Police Reports

Huntingdon Police Reports

Drug Possession — A Troy woman was arrested June 28.

Sergeant Brad Allen charged Krista Loren Corum, 22, of Troy, with possession of schedule IV and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to Allen’s report, Corum was the passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for having a headlight out. Officers were given permission to search the vehicle, and found a grinder containing half a gram of marijuana in it on Corum.

••• Theft — A warrant was issued for the arrest of a Huntingdon man on June 30.

Lieutenant Angela Barker charged Earnest Lee Reeves, 36, with theft of property under $1,000. According to Barker’s report, Reeves did not scan multiple items while using the self checkout. He left the store with a weed eater valued at $84 and a leaf blower valued at $98.

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