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McKenzie, Paris Healthcare Facilities Launch Program To Improve Quality Of Life

McKenzie, Paris Healthcare Facilities Launch Program To Improve Quality Of Life

MEMPHIS (June 26) — Tennessee Health Management (THM), which operates 29 skilled nursing communities, recently launched an interactive program for patients and residents that combines online activities with restorative therapies to improve their quality of life. Approximately 770 skilled nursing patients in ten facilities in THM’s Memphis region can participate in the Activities, Restorative and Therapy in Sync (ARTS) program.

“This program is changing lives right before our eyes and in just two months’ time,” said Heather Lansaw, regional director of operations for THM’s Memphis division. “The examples are rolling in from all ten centers. One patient has doubled the time he can stand for therapy. Others are awaking in cognitive ways we did not expect. It’s very inspiring.”

The ARTS program, which was funded by a $493,550 grant from the Tennessee Department of Health, uses the It’s Never Too Late (iN2L) computer- based system to engage residents in fun and meaningful activities. The iN2L touchbased technologies encourage users, even those unfamiliar with computers, to “touch their way” through programs to connect with loved ones via Skype, create “My Story” digital biographies, do simulated physical activities and play brain games.

“For years, activities, restorative care and rehabilitative therapies have been separate departments in a residential nursing facility,” added Lansaw. “The ARTS program helps break down those divisions by creating individualized experiences for each patient. Using the iN2L platform has helped our therapy teams offer more personalized support for patients across all daily activities.”

To date, the THM facilities that have implemented the ARTS program include: Applingwood Healthcare Center in Cordova, Covington Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Covington, Bright Glade Health and Rehabilitation Center and Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Memphis, Dyersburg Nursing and Rehabilitation, Humboldt Healthcare and Rehab Center, McKenzie Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Paris Health Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Union City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and VanAyer Healthcare and Rehab Center in Martin.

As a requirement of the grant program, Lansaw and her team will be measuring and reporting on the program’s results over the next 36 months, beginning from the launch date of April 1, 2018.

“We are so thankful for this grant,” Lansaw said. “One resident who had been in the hospital for two months before coming to our center uses iN2L to watch travel videos and the live webcam. Now she is feeling hope about going home again. She also loves the casino games. This was a woman who could not walk or feed herself just two months ago. You cannot put a premium on that.” About Tennessee — Health Management, Inc. Tennessee Health Management, Inc. (THM) operates 29 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout the state of Tennessee and north Alabama. In addition, the company provides home health services in 24 counties, hospice services in 31 counties, and operates five acute care psychiatric facilities for older adults needing mental health care. For more information visit thmgt.com.

About iN2L — Founded in 1999, iN2L is dedicated to making technology and the Internet accessible and enjoyable for older adults — regardless of physical or cognitive limitations. A proprietary combination of adaptive hardware, software and content delivers a person-centered experience that engages, empowers and inspires. The engagement tools developed for older adults are currently used in 2,000 communities across all 50 states, Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland. The company is located in Centennial, Colorado. For more information, visit www.iN2L.com.

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