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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•MRH Holdings to Rajani Munagala in District 22.

•Vera Rae Hopper to Vance and Tammy Ward in District 4.

•Donald R. and Kay G. Kemp to Tod L. and Karen A. Dubois in District 6.

•Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis to Seven B. and Amanda C. Dearmon in District 4.

•Tracy Annis and Greg Forrest to Anthony R. and Chelsea M. Hilliard in District 5.

•Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Nationwide Community Revitalization LLC.

•James Kenneth and Sabrina B. Peterson to Brian Allen and Jennifer Leigh Grice in District 13.

•James David and Linda Diane Maharrey to Chad T. Williams in District 20.

•Barbara D. Turner to Barbara D. Turner in District 21.

•Barbara D. Turner to Charles F. Turner Jr. in District 21.

•Elizabeth Pinson and others to Jerry W. and Charlotte M. Burcham and others.

•Alexis Williams and others to Mark C. and Jill H. Wade in District 6.

•Timmy Allen and Sheri A. Boyd to Robert Matthew and Whitley D. Reed in District 24.

•Ray and Doris Bynum to William Michael Lovelace in District 21.

•Melvin Richard Foster to Jane Lynette Wilson Foster in District 2.

•Mary Alice Johnson to Rebecca Ann Ross in District 1.

•Thomas Hodgson Jr. to Thomas Hodgson Jr. in District 2.

•Frederick and Nancy Hall to Barbara Haag Padgett and others in District 11.

•Mae Frances Gowan to Kerry Jenice Gowan Landers and others in District 21.

•Linda Inman and others to Christina Louise Dukes and others in District 21.

•Linda Inman and others to William Allen Espey Jr. and others in District 21.

•Gary I. and Sallie Sorrells to Summer Brewer in District 16.

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