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LuLuBelles: A Work in Progress

LuLuBelles: A Work in Progress



Those who are wondering what is going on or what’s going to happen to LuLu Belle’s Florist may be waiting for a while. No prospective dates are in the works for a grand reopening in the near future. A complete remodeling inside and outside is underway at the site. The building has been stripped to the original façade outside and stripped inside all the way to the original brick walls. The ceiling has been stripped to reveal the original wooden ceiling beams.

According to owner Tessa O’Brien, the plan right now (it changes day to day) is to continue stripping the inside to an original look and install new lighting and new flooring while cleaning up the original walls. The outside is to be restored to a historic facade.

“We still will be a florist but want to bring in a lot of new items. We just aren’t sure yet what else we will have,” says O’Brien. She indicated she has been doing her due diligence and talking to people in town to gauge what they are interested in seeing. Clothing items and antique items have been mentioned the most so far, according to O’Brien.

The building itself has a long history in McKenzie. It was a Ben Franklin store for many years. Arnold’s was there for a time as well as several other short term tenants. It also went through several periods of being unoccupied.

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