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Newcomers Butler, Bradberry Win Countywide Office Over Incumbents

Newcomers Butler, Bradberry Win Countywide Office Over Incumbents

CARROLL COUNTY — Political Newcomer Joseph Butler defeated long-time Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride during the August 2 county elections in Carroll County.

Butler received 3,914 votes, McBride 1,983, and T. Richard Goodwin, 179. Goodwin had suspended his campaign and endorsed Butler.

Newcomer Sarah Bradberry defeated long-time Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk Bertha Taylor. Bradberry received 2,845 votes, Taylor received 2,396, and Tracie McCormick received 687.

Register of Deeds Natalie McCullough Porter won re-election with a total of 3,540 votes over challenger Harold Smith with 1,999.

Property Assessor Rita Jones won re-election with 3,238 votes to newcomer Sandi Roditis’ 2,576.

Road Supervisor District 1 Ricky Scott won re-election with 1,056 votes to challenger George Avery’s 766.

Three countywide offices were uncontested. Sheriff Andy Dickson won re-election with 5,219 votes, County Clerk Darlene Kirk won with 5,257, and County Trustee Paula Bolen won with 5,201votes.

The sagging Carroll County economy and the closure of McKenzie Regional Hospital last week were major issues for McBride.

In another contested county race, longtime Circuit Court Clerk Bertha Taylor was defeated by Sarah Bradberry. Democrat taylor posted 2,396 votes, with winner Bradberry, a Republican, posting 2,845. Tracie McCormick, Independent, posted 687.

See the complete vote count by precinct for the entire election inside this issue of The McKenzie Banner.

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