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Trezevant Board Discusses Next Budget


Board Discusses Next Budget



TREZEVANT (March 14) — The board of mayor and aldermen for the Town of Trezevant met Tuesday with a light agenda. Mayor Dennis Mitchell took the opportunity to walk through the proposed 2017-18 budget with members to discuss priorities before trying to finalize the numbers for a vote in the next few months.

The street department budget will include up to two miles of long-overdue paving. Some State Street Aid funds may also be used for sidewalk repairs. The sewer department will apply for a Community Development Block Grant in hopes of making upgrades. The water department is considering the purchase of new equipment, but may hold off for another year. The parks department, which had been considering hiring a ballpark manager, may use those funds this year instead on a veterans memorial downtown.

During budget talks, Mitchell pointed out that the police department had been expected to cost the town approximately $28,000 over the last fiscal year, but at the current pace, will only cost an estimated $6,000.

At the beginning of the meeting, Alderman Teresa Goodrum was sworn in for a second time this term. She had been declared a holdover from the previous board and took the oath with the other new members, but under the advice of county election officials, the board declared a new vacancy and subsequently appointed Goodrum to fill it.

The board approved an ordinance allowing beer to be sold which has an alcohol content of up to eight percent, an increase from the previous five percent. The measure passed on a narrow 3-2 vote, with Alderman Pam Bryant absent and Mayor Mitchell and Alderman Pam Joyner voting against the ordinance.

The board concurred on a date for spring brush clean-up, Monday through Friday, the week of April 17.

The meeting adjourned in approximately an hour.

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