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Deer Hunter Airlifted After Fall from Tree

Deer Hunter Airlifted After Fall from Tree

A McKenzie man is in critical condition at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville after sustaining a fall from a tree stand while deer hunting on Friday, December 1.

Doris Story said her husband, Bill, 68, had climbed into his deer stand when the straps gave way, sending he and the stand about 15 feet to the ground.

He landed on his buttocks and originally thought he broke his leg. He phoned his wife and said Deer

he was unable to get up.

“He always tells me where he is hunting,” said Mrs. Story. She knew she could not lift him, so she dialed 911 to respond to the Chandler Road, Fields School Road area. Ambulances, McKenzie Fire Department, and Carroll County Sheriff’s Department all responded. Mrs. Story helped direct rescuers to the general area where he hunted. She was able to stay in contact with him on the phone as rescuers closed in on his location.

The ambulance crew packaged Mr. Story for transport to an open field where an AirEvac helicopter landed and transported him to Vanderbilt.

Bill underwent one surgery to repair a fracture femur. He will undergo additional surgeries and procedures to repair a separated pelvis, compressed vertebrae, and a fracture sternum. On Monday, Mr. Story was in critical care and on a ventilator.

He is expected to remain at Vanderbilt for at least two weeks and then relocate to a rehabilitation center.

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