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Experience ‘Alice in Wonderland’ With A Twist at The Dixie

Experience ‘Alice in Wonderland’ With A Twist at The Dixie

HUNTINGDON — French touring company Tout á Trac invites local theatre lovers to experience “Alice in Wonderland” at The Dixie Carter Performing Arts & Academic Enrichment Center Saturday, March 4.

Based in Quebec, Tout á Trac presents visually beautiful and imaginative productions using masks, storytelling and puppetry that are a gateway to a dream world and an invitation to explore the depths of your imagination.

In “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice refuses to do her homework. Preferring to play and day dream, she hides in her father’s study. Out of nowhere comes a curious looking rabbit, eater of novels. Wanting to keep the rodent from devouring all the books, Alice chases the rabbit through his borough and discovers a wonderland.

Late for his appointment with the Queen of Hearts, the rabbit leaves Alice in a hurry but forgets his gloves, which he must wear in the sovereign’s presence. Eager to save the rabbit’s life, Alice dashes to his rescue and encounters strange and fascinating characters such as Humpty Dumpty, a philosophizing caterpillar, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Snark Hunter in this intriguing universe where rabbits are late and quarrels make good friends.

Faithful to the madness and lively humor of the original piece, this revisitation of the famous Lewis Carroll’s classic tale has a unique twist: the setting is no longer a garden but a library full of pop-up books. Each book is then a discovery and a door to the next adventure.

Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s classic. Written and directed by Huge Bélanger Translated by Maureen Labonté. A production of Tout à Trac.

Tickets are $20 each. Children can also enjoy a Mad Hatter Tea Party immediately following the performance for an additional $20 per child. Seating is limited. For tickets, visit The Dixie box office in downtown Huntingdon, call 731-986-2100, or go online to dixiepac.net.

See you at The Dixie!

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