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Gleason Alderman Sworn In, Bulk Pick Up Ordinance Approved

Gleason Alderman Sworn In, Bulk Pick Up Ordinance Approved



GLEASON (February 9) — Prior to calling the Gleason City Board of Mayor and Alderman to order, Keith Radford took the oath of office as an alderman. Radford replaced Marcus Hopper who resigned in January.

Second readings of the Bulk Pickup Ordinance and rezoning of 160 Smyth Lane were approved Thursday night. With no debate, both measures were accepted. Alderman Doug Johnson voted against the ordinance a second time.

The Bulk Pick Up Ordinance states bulk waste collection service is provided for residential properties only. Residents will be charged a fee for the bulk pick up according to schedule. Pickup truck load is $15.00. Larger truck load is $60.00. The scheduled pick up dates are on the second and fourth Monday of each month. The railroad track divides the city into two zones consisting of an east and west zone. The east zone pick up is the second Monday and the west zone pick up is the fourth Monday.

The property located at 160 Smyth Lane was rezoned from commercial to residential.

The board voted in favor of the first reading of the Court Cost Ordinance. The ordinance changed the fluctuating court cost to a flat $90 fee. If approved on the second reading, the ordinance will go into effect immediately.

Alderman Johnson asked to revisit the locking of the lagoon gate. Johnson stated his displeasure with the locking of the gate citing he and area residents needed a place to throw away certain larger items. He questioned the possibility of a key availability through a cash deposit at City Hall. The mayor and other board members conferred the gate needed to remain locked and closed to the general public. Mayor Poole said he could put large items beside the road and have it picked up for a fee on scheduled Mondays.

Dale Stephens of the Public Works Department informed the board of needed repairs to city’s early 1980s model Case tractor. Stephens provided an estimate of $1,200 for brake repair and said the repairs were not guaranteed to fix the braking issues.

Alderman Radford stated that the city had got its money’s worth out of the tractor since it had over 8,000 hours on it. Anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000 is usually the lifespan of a tractor. It was in the best interest of the city to pursue a new tractor either by lease or purchase. Alderman Jim Phelps asked for Stephens to pursue at least two bids for lease and purchase of a new tractor.

In other business, appointments to the Library Board, Planning Committee, Zoning Committee, Industrial Board, Tri-City Landfill and Parks Board were approved. Amy Douglass was hired to operate the concession stand at the park.

In department reports, Parks and Recreation co-director Chad Brawner updated the city board on sports signups. Currently, 91 children are registered to play ball in the spring. After meeting with area park directors, Brawner and Billy Borneman recommended the city to conduct background checks on the coaches. Borneman added repairs will be done on the infield at the little league field.

Police Chief Jeff Hazlewood referred to 11 city citations with $624.19 in fines collected for January. He informed the board, portable radios were distributed within the department and car radios were to be installed in the next few days. These upgrades were purchased through a recent $15,000 grant.

Assistant Fire Chief Mark Stafford provided his report. Alderman Phelps stated he and Alderman Johnson attended the fire department’s recent meeting and was pleased with the department.

Phelps closed the meeting reading of an email thanking the city during a recent accident involving a grain truck on James Mill Road.

The next meeting of the Gleason City Board is March 9 at 7


Photo by Jason Martin / The McKenzie Banner

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