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Dollar Tree Coming to McKenzie

Dollar Tree Coming to McKenzie

MCKENZIE (April 12) — After almost four years, there is a promise to complete the construction of a 8,400 square-foot retail store at the intersection of Oak Street and U.S. 79 (Highland Drive).

Rick Burreca, representing one of the companies responsible for completing the building, said the store, originally intended for a Family Dollar, will instead be a Dollar Tree. Construction is expected to restart in the next few weeks and be completed over a threemonth period. Speaking to the McKenzie Municipal-Regional Planning Commission, Burreca said the previous construction company left unfinished projects in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. One unfinished project was in Greenfield. The McKenzie store was started in mid-2013 and abandoned. City officials worked to force the building to be completed, citing the danger of the unfinished construction. City officials were happy with the information Burreca provided last week.

Burreca said the metal exterior will partially be covered with nichiha, a material that resembles brick, to enhance its appearance. He also presented plans for a landscaped area to be placed between the store and the adjacent store, McKenzie Auto Parts.

Planners approved the installation of nichiha and approved the landscaping plan.

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