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County Receives One-Time Funding for Roads, Committees Assigned

County Receives One-Time Funding for Roads, Committees Assigned

Carroll County commissioners convened Monday, September 11 to consider three resolutions, including one that makes a budget transfer to accept $572,000 from the state’s IMPROVE Act for repair and maintenance of state-aid roads and bridges in the county road system. A new fuel tax, that began July 1, will provide added, continuous funding for the state and local government road programs.

Mayor Kenny McBride said the $572,000 is available once as part of the recently approved IMPROVE Act.

Other resolutions included the appointment of Marge Tucker and Sue Ann Lewis to the Carroll County Indigent Care Board.

The third resolution honored the Huntingdon 10U Cal Ripken All-Stars for a successful season with a record of 17-2 and outscoring their opponents 198 to 24. They were the state champs and advanced to a national tournament at Williamsburg, Virginia. Each was presented a small trophy by Mayor McBride.

Commissioners appointed McBride as the chairman, Paula Watkins of McKenzie as the chairman pro-tempore, and the following members of the individual committees, as recommended by the mayor.

BUDGET COMMITTEE – John Mann, chairman, Johnny Blount, secretary, Steve Parker, Manuel Crossno, and John Austin; TAX RATE COMMITTEE – Johnny Blount, chairman, Bobby Argo, secretary, John Austin, Hal Eason and Randy Long; LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE – Ronnie Murphy, chairman, Gaylon Sydnor, secretary, Will Radford, Joey Darnall and Joel Washburn; DELINQUENT TAX COMMITTEE – Jimmy McClure, chairman, Ronnie Murphy, secretary, Randy Long, Gerald Scarbrough, and Manuel Crossno, and Darrell Ridgely; CIVIC CENTER COMMITTEE – Larry Spencer, chairman, Bobby Argo, secretary, Paula Watkins, Ronnie Owen, Lori Nolen and Manuel Crossno; RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE – Larry Spencer, chairman, Joel Washburn, secretary, Manuel Crossno, John Mann and Lori Nolen; INSURANCE COMMITTEE – Joel Washburn, chairman, Larry Spencer, secretary, Willie Huffman, Jimmy McClure, Ronnie Owen, and John Austin; PURCHASING COMMITTEE – Steve Parker, chairman, Paula Bolen, secretary, Darlene Kirk, Paula Watkins, Joey Darnall and Kenny McBride; HIGHWAY COMMITTEE –Johnny Blount, chairman, Paula Reynolds, secretary, John Mann, Manuel Crossno, Randy Long, Gaylon Sydnor and Ronnie Murphy; BEER BOARD – Steve Parker, chairman, Bobby Argo, secretary, Joey Darnall, Gaylon Sydnor, and Larry Spencer; RURAL FIRE COMMITTEE –John Mann, chairman, Jimmy Mc-Clure, secretary, Bobby Argo, Johnny Blount, Ronnie Murphy, and Darrell Ridgely; RULES COMMITTEE – Joel Washburn, chairman, Will Radford, secretary, Randy Long, Paula Watkins and Hal Eason; SOLID WASTE COMMITTEE – Steve Parker, chairman, Ronnie Owen, secretary, John Mann, Gaylon Sydnor, Gerald Scarbrough, and John Austin; PERSONNEL COMMITTEE – Will Radford, chairman, Manuel Crossno, secretary, Willie Huffman, Paula Watkins, Gerald Scarbrough and John Austin; PROPERTIES COMMITTEE – Ronnie Owen, chairman, Randy Long, secretary, Hal Eason, Willie Huffman, Darrell Ridgely and Gerald Scarbrough.

Commissioner John Austin, who also serves as an elected member of the McKenzie Special School District Board of Education, thanked Sheriff Andy Dickson for the additional security personnel at the McKenzie schools following a recent threat. Some of the personnel donated their time during their off-duty time to provide the security.

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