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Students Celebrate National Walk-to-School Day

Students Celebrate National Walk-to-School Day

McKENZIE/BRUCETON (October 3-4) — Area students celebrated National Walk-to-School Day (Wednesday, October 4) last week.

On Tuesday, at Hollow Rock-Bruceton, a total of 368 students and 32 parents, teachers, principals and the superintendent walked to school. Carroll County Coordinated School Health Director Mandy Drewry provided the students with bottled water and volunteers from Carroll County Health Department distributed walk-to-school stickers.

On Wednesday, 289 students and 155 parents walked to McKenzie Elementary School. The students and parents were greeted by members of Bethel University’s football, golf and volleyball teams, members of McKenzie High School’s Teen Health Council and MES teachers and administrators. Students received a bottled water and a walk-to-school sticker provided by Coordinated School Health.

Also on Wednesday, a total of 209 students and four teachers walked to McKenzie Middle School. Volunteers from the Carroll County Health Department, members of the MHS Teen Health Council and Mandy Drewry distributed walk-to-school stickers and bottled water.

A total of 866 students and 202 parents, teachers and volunteers participated.

Photo by Brad Sam/The Banner Below, Walkers arrive at McKenzie Middle School. Photo courtesy Vera Shipp

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