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Mayor Holland Addresses National League of Cities

Mayor Holland Addresses National League of Cities

McKenzie Mayor Jill Holland was recently a featured speaker at the City Summit-Annual Conference of the National League of Cities in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mayor Holland spoke along with Sandy Lucy, Mayor of Washington, Missouri, and Julie Metz, Downtown Development Director of Goldsboro, North Carolina. On the topic of “Vital Economies, Thriving Places: A Look at the Main Street Approach.” Patrice Frey, President and CEO of the National Main Street Center was the moderator for the seminar.

For close to 40 years, thousands of cities and towns across the country have used the Main Street Approach to revitalize their local economies in small towns, mid-sized cities and urban neighborhood commercial districts. In total, communities taking part in the Main Street program have generated $65.6 billion in public and private reinvestment, rehabilitated 260,011 buildings, and experienced a net gain of 556,960 jobs and 126,476 net new businesses. As any city leader knows, this level of impact does not occur by chance alone. The Main Street Approach provides municipalities with a practical, actionable framework to bring renewed vitality and enhanced quality of life to downtown. In the session, participants learned how the Main Street Approach has transformed communities large and small.

As the nation’s oldest and largest organization representing cities and towns, The National League of Cities is committed to helping municipal leaders build better communities. More than 3,500 delegates from across the country, gathered to discuss critical issues facing America’s cities.

National League of Cities represents cities of all sizes, from rural communities and growing suburbs to the largest cities. The annual City Summit is an opportunity for thousands of city leaders – mayors, councilmembers, and senior staff – to engage with one another and hear from subject matter experts on city issues.

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