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Representative Holt Hosts Annual ‘Hog Killing’

Representative Holt Hosts Annual ‘Hog Killing’

DRESDEN (January 6) — State Representative Andy Holt hosted his sixth annual Hog Killing at his farm on Jewel Road on Saturday. It is a tradition he is sharing with area residents to witness and participate in the once traditional community hog killing.

Early morning temperatures was 13 degrees as the day’s process began. Cold weather is essential for the processing of meat. Volunteers gathered in an open-air shop to process the meat.

A special guest, State Senator Mike Bell of Riceville, attended the event to watch and learn. Bell said he got an education about the process of killing, scalding the hog, and preparing the meat for consumption.

Holt said the attendance grows each year as interested persons come to watch and help in the process. This year five hogs were slaughtered and the meat was prepared, sliced and packaged, the lard was rendered, cracklins were made, and the other parts of the hog were saved for various uses.

Photos by Joel Washburn/The McKenzie Banner

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