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‘Dangers of Social Media’ Presented To Carroll County Health Council

‘Dangers of Social Media’ Presented To Carroll County Health Council

HUNTINGDON (January 23) — Huntingdon Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers presented “Dangers of Social Media-Human Trafficking” during Tuesday’s Carroll County Health Council meeting at Baptist Memorial Hospital- Huntingdon.

Smothers, who also serves as the Safe Kids Coalition Chair for the Health Council, reviewed several alarming statistics including: One in seven children aged 10-18 has received a sexual solicitation over the internet.

The average age of victims of sex trafficking is 12.

Commercial sex with children is now the number one criminal industry in the United States. Drugs are now the second largest criminal industry.

It takes only 24 hours from the time the trafficker meets a person to get that person to the location where they will be sold.

Two real-life scenario videos were shown, one with adolescent/ teen girls and one with adolescent/teen boys and their parents depicting how vulnerable youth really are to these online solicitations. Parents in the videos were stunned regarding how easy it was for the predator portrayers to lure their youth into dangerous situations.

Carroll County Health Council Chair Rita Foster stated, “I was absolutely astonished by how easy it was to lure those young people into dangerous situations. Every parent and every child with a phone needs to see this presentation.”

Director Smothers stated that the Huntingdon Department of Public Safety offers this presentation and Active Shooter Training free of charge to schools, churches, worksites and groups. To request the “Dangers of Social Media” and/ or Active Shooter Training, call the Huntingdon Department of Public Safety at 731-986-5310 and speak to Walter Smothers.

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