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More 911 Funds Appropriated For Emergency Communications

More 911 Funds Appropriated For Emergency Communications



HUNTINGDON (February 2) — The directors of the Carroll County Emergency Communications System (911 Board) voted to add $9,835.40 to the appropriation to purchase emergency communications equipment for the public safety departments for the city of McKenzie and the town of Huntingdon.

The directors recently voted to appropriate $260,599.15 from its budget to the county of Carroll to purchase mobile and portable radios for the two municipalities. The extra $9,835.40 is to purchase controller units for the muncipalities’ dispatch centers.

John Mann made the motion to approve the additional expenditure. Chairman Willie Huffman recognized the motion to appropriate the $9,835.40, however, Mann said his motion was to spend whatever was necessary to complete the project.

After some discussion, directors approved an expenditure of $9,835.40. Directors John Mann, Larry Elliott, Ryan White, Richard Sawyers, Steve Price, Roger Christian, and John Wright voted in favor of the motion. Janice Newman and Terry Bradshaw voted against. Newman said the controllers are redundant equipment and unnecessary.

Bradshaw asked to add to the next meeting’s agenda a discussion on the purchase of holsters and speaker microphones that were included for the city of McKenzie and town of Huntingdon. When digital radios were purchased for all the other county and municipal departments, holsters and speaker microphone were not included.

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