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West Carroll Schools Receive Clean Audit

West Carroll Schools Receive Clean Audit



ATWOOD (February 1) — The West Carroll Special School District received a clean audit report at Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Education.

Marcie Williams of ATA of Jackson reported to the board that the audit returned no findings. The report did include two management letter comments, pointing out practices for the district to avoid in the future. One noted that several purchase orders did not have a “not to exceed” amount; another explained that two minor line items had exceeded their budgeted amounts.

Williams ended her report by thanking the district for its business, adding that “it’s always a joy to come here.”

The monthly “Spotlight” recognized student accomplishments from each of the three schools.

Primary school Star Students Austyn Inman, Callie Bryant, Chloe Rimmer, Maisey Melton and Aubrey Hammett were presented by Principal Jackie Wester.

WCES spelling bee winners were introduced by Principal Molly Ashley. Third grade winners were Jace Hammett, first place; Zac Fowler, second place; and Jack Robinson, third place. Fourth-sixth grade winners were Karma Wilkey, first place; Brennalyn Buddie, second place; and Mayce Mitchell, third place.

Junior/senior high Assistant Principal Kelly Todd and Health Science teacher Lisa Kapeller recognized sophomore Olivia Goostree, who recently scored in the top five in the northwest Tennessee region on the Medical Law and Ethics Knowledge Test, earning her a spot in the state HOSA competition at next month’s convention in Chattanooga.

The board also approved on first reading the field trip to the aforementioned HOSA event.

Also approved was an agreement to use Interquest Canines in the next school year. The company’s dogs will sweep the junior/senior high school during ten visits per year at a cost of $300 per visit. Board members briefly discussed the selection of a performance evaluation tool for Director of Schools Dexter Williams. Members will study several options and make a decision in the coming months.

A policy update was approved on first reading to establish a process to evaluate the district’s workbased learning program.

During principal updates, principals Wester and Ashley presented board members with “Thank You” posters and cards to board members for the recent School Board Appreciation Week. Assistant Principal Todd announced that 93 percent of eligible students at the high school had completed their FAFSA applications.

During his updates, Director Williams reported that LED light installations had been completed and that press box improvements at the junior/senior high should be complete in early March, depending on the weather. He also presented gifts to the board.

The meeting adjourned after 35 minutes.

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