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Bradberry Announces Candidacy For Circuit Court Clerk

Bradberry Announces Candidacy For Circuit Court Clerk

CARROLL COUNTY (March 3) — Sarah Bradberry of McKenzie, declared her candidacy for Circuit Court Clerk of Carroll County. Mrs. Bradberry is the lone Republican candidate for the office.

“I am honored to announce my Republican candidacy for Circuit Court Clerk of Carroll County. It is a privilege to serve McKenzie in our local school system and I ask for your vote and the opportunity to expand my service to Carroll County. I understand the complexities of the court system and look forward to the challenge.”

Sarah is a 1995 graduate of McKenzie High School. As an adult learner, wife and mother, she graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and, after having her third child, earned a Master’s Degree in Education, also from Bethel.

Sarah served as an elder at McKenzie’s First Cumberland Presbyterian Church and led children’s Sunday school classes, youth programs and adult Bible studies. She is a devoted wife of 20 years, mother of three and a family advocate, bringing family and marriage programs to church and the community. Sarah believes, “Apart from religious influence, the family is the most important unit in society.” -Billy Graham Sarah’s career in education made it possible to serve on many levels. She created, implemented, and leads the visual arts program at her alma mater, MHS. She managed community projects that bring people together including the McKenzie Farmers Market Window Project for the City of McKenzie and the McKenzie Armory Mural for the Tennessee Army National Guard. Sarah led programs for Bethel University, Huntingdon First Baptist Church and other civic groups focused on team building, problem solving and critical thinking through the visual arts.

Before making the commitment to run for office, Sarah listened to several encouraging community leaders. She wants to be a part of the positive changes happening to Carroll County by building a connection to one of our three branches of government. Sarah explains, “artists evaluate their quality of work, triggering change and improvement. I want to bring this critical analysis to the office of Circuit Court Clerk to connect and build bridges between the citizens of Carroll County and our judicial system.”

Sarah’s Platform includes connection by Education, Outreach, and Modernization — Building Bridges Education — Programs to inform the community about the judicial system and potential careers in law and the legal system Outreach — Clinics to provide self-help opportunities to those with criminal records Modernization — Technology to streamline filing, inform the public and access public records.

Sarah Bradberry’s name will appear as a candidate for circuit court clerk in the May 1 Republican Primary and August 2 Carroll County General elections.

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