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Huntingdon Designates Community Meet-Up Spot

Huntingdon Designates Community Meet-Up Spot

HUNTINGDON — According to a press release by Walter Smothers, Director of Public Safety, the Huntingdon Department of Public Safety has designated its front parking lot as a community meet-up spot for people to make exchanges for internet deals from such websites such as craigslist, offerup and numerous sale/trade groups on social media.

The release states, “Across the country people have become victims of crime when meeting to make what was supposed to be an exchange. This parking lot is monitored around the clock and anyone is welcome to make their exchange there or inside in our lobby. The sign shown in the provided picture was donated to us by the online company Offerup. The address for this is 12740 Lexington Street, Huntingdon, if anyone would like to take advantage of this service.”

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