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Republicans Remove Smith from Republican Ballot

Republicans Remove Smith from Republican Ballot

CARROLL COUNTY — Bart Smith’s name will not appear on the May 1 Republican Primary ballot nor the August 3 General Election ballot following action by the county’s Republican Party and in accordance with the state party’s bylaws.

Brent Bradberry, chairman of the Carroll County Republican Party, wrote a letter in February notified the state Republican Party of Smith’s voting status and lack of support of the party.

In the letter to the local party members, Bradberry wrote, “Petitions for candidacy for all local offices were available from November 15, 2017 until the filing deadline of noon, February 15. As part of my chairman’s responsibilities, I requested the public voting records of every candidate for local office filing to run as a Republican. Two potential Republican candidates did not qualify under Article IX of the State bylaws. I explained these qualifications to one ( a candidate for a different position) of these candidates who respectfully understood and promptly returned his petition. He is now on the August ballot as an independent.

The second candidate whose local voting record did not establish his bona fide Republican status is Mr. Bart Smith. Unfortunately, I was not aware of Mr. Smith’s intent to run as a Republican until after the filing deadline. Therefore, due to Mr. Smith’s brief filing timeline, I was unable to discuss his party status and offer him the same opportunity to run as an Independent.

I supply the following facts: Public records indicate Mr. Bart Smith first registered to vote in Carroll County on February 1, 2018. On February 12, Mr. Smith picked up his petition to run as a Republican for Assessor of Property.

On February 15, the filing deadline, Carroll County election officials verified Mr. Smith’s petition.

On February 16, I requested the voting record of Mr. Smith.

On February 16, another CCRP member contacted Mr. Smith to inquire of his bona fide claim.

According to Mr. Smith, he moved back to Huntingdon in the early 2000’s.

Since he first registered on February 1, 2018, he lived in Carroll County approximately 15 years with no eligibility to vote.

According to Mr. Smith, he had prior residence in Madison and Davidson counties.

Madison County has no record of Mr. Smith ever registering to vote.

Davidson County records reflect Mr. Smith registered to vote there in 1996.

Davidson County purged Mr. Smith from its voter registration system in 2009 without him ever casting a vote in either a primary or general election.

Public records indicate Mr. Smith is 40 years old and has no record of ever voting in any election, primary or general.

To my knowledge, Mr. Smith did not attend Republican Party meetings, pay any membership dues, or attempt to contact the party prior to filing to run in the Republican Primary.

We cannot, according to our own rules, allow unqualified candidates to be placed on the ballot. Based on these facts, Mr. Smith is not bona fide; therefore, I challenged his Republican candidacy in accordance with our bylaws. The State GOP supported my challenge and instructed our Administrator of Elections to remove Mr. Smith from the ballot. After his removal, Mr. Smith sent emails to the State Executive Committee (SEC), our governing body, about this matter. All Members of the SEC that inquired to the Party headquarters agreed with Mr. Smith’s removal for lack of voting and lack of any activity with the Republican Party or Republican candidates.”

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