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Congrats, Graduates! This Edition Honors You

Congrats, Graduates! This Edition Honors You

The Banner and our advertisers are proud to again present this special graduation section. As in years past, this section features area seniors from McKenzie, Huntingdon, Central, West Carroll, Clarksburg and Gleason High Schools.

This section was made possible by the many local businesses who are extending congratulations and best wishes for a bright future for every student. They also express gratitude for your continued support of their business.

The Banner urges you to read each advertisement and the message it extends.

We also ask that you remember these advertisers and show them your support.

The Banner extends our sincere appreciation to all area schools for providing names and photographs of each graduating student.

Thank you to the teachers who educated these seniors from kindergarten through high school. You have changed their lives in more ways than you may realize. Your tireless effort and patience has made the difference in our community.

Thank you to the parents that helped with homework and school projects. You made late-night runs to the store for school supplies. You attended parent-teacher conferences and took an interest in your child’s dreams and hopes.

A big thank you to all parents for everything you have done and will do for your children.

Without great businesses, teachers and parents, our community would not be what it is: a great place to live.

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