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Gleason Graduates 32 During Friday Ceremony

Gleason Graduates 32 During Friday Ceremony



Gleason High School graduated 32 during the Friday, May 11 ceremony in the school’s gymnasium.

The following were the top 10 graduates: Valedictorian – Chandler Dean Brawner, Braxton Vickers, Aubrey Katherine Wallace, Brittany Corum, Seth Wray Bowers, Tobias Dillard, Jayne-Shaye Bailey, Ericka Denton, and Jayden Anderson Green.

Gleason High School graduates include: Jayne-Shaye Bailey, Gregory Giarard Graham Bell, Chase Bell, Seth Wray Bowers, Chandler Dean Brawner, Amy Joy Carson, Brittany LeAnne Corum, Vanessa Rena Crocker, Madison Marie Dellinger, Ericka Jane Nicole Denton, Tobias James Dillard, Jasmine Danielle Doster, Jacub Dakota Gilmer, Daniel Tucker Green, Jayden Anderson Green, Cameron Blake Harrison, Colette Brandi Jackson, Hannah Grace Lemonds, Mahlese Ichelle McDonald, Terry Orlando McKinney, Savanna Ann Murray, Isabelle Anne Meumair, Richard Maxwell Pace, Alyssa Brianne Parkins, Austin Michael Rayburn, Jonathan Casey Leon Roland, Alex Jose Sandoval, Rebecca Marie Smith, Braxton Scott Vickers, Aubrey Katherine Wallace, Hunter Ray Watson, Michael Kenneth White.

Photos by Cristi Wallace.

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