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McKenzie School Tax Rate Unchanged in $12 Million Budget


Tax Rate Unchanged in $12 Million Budget


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McKENZIE (June 26) — The McKenzie Special School District Board of Education approved a budget of just over $12 million with an unchanged tax rate for Fiscal Year 2018-19 during the regular monthly meeting Tuesday.

The tax rate remains $1.277 per $100 assessed property value. Tax revenues are distributed between the General Fund ($.7256) and Debt Service Fund ($.5514).

The budget includes a two percent across-the-board raise and $1,000 November bonus for all district employees.

Estimated revenues and other funds total $11,774,304: $9,411,995 to the General Purpose Fund; $814,054 to the Federal Projects Fund; $819,000 to the Central Cafeteria Fund; and $729,255 to the Debt Service Fund.

Estimated expenditures total $12,058,195: $9,550,317 from the General Purpose Fund; $814,054 from the Federal Projects Fund; $840,008 from the Central Cafeteria Fund; and $853,818 from the Debt Service Fund.

The deficit of $283,894 will come from reserve funds, leaving an estimated $2,719,465 in reserves at the end of the fiscal year.

The 2018-19 salary schedule includes a starting salary of $37,600 for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s. Each additional level of education and year of service increases the salary, with a 20-year teacher with a Doctorate earning $62,570.

Of McKenzie’s 108 instructors, 36 have at least 20 years of experience, and 66 percent hold at least a Masters.

The total outstanding principal and interest on the district’s bonded debt is $3,446,400 with the final payment due on April 1, 2022.

Notable in the budget is the addition of nine more carts of 25 Chromebooks each to be acquired before the start of the school year.

The board also approved several amendments to the current budget. These were mostly endof- year “housekeeping” to replace estimates with actual costs on items such as food commodities, but one amendment accounts for a new HVAC unit in the high school cafeteria.

Also approved was the FY 2019 Consolidated Application, which includes grants for Title IA, II, III and V under ESSA, IDEA Part B, IDEA Preschool, IDEA Discretionary and Carl Perkins. Director of Schools Lynn Watkins was authorized as the board’s representative to file the application and Supervisor Ladona Herrin as the contact person for carrying out the duties of the application.

General Fund Expense Accounts were approved for the three schools.

Director Watkins was designated as the district’s fiscal agent.

2018-19 food service charges were approved, with no meal price changes, and the cafeterias will again provide free breakfast.

Food service bids were approved, again reflecting no change from the previous year: HPS/GFS for produce, Prairie Farms for milk and milk products, Turner Dairy for ice cream products, HPS for food/non-food supplies and Flowers Baking Company for bread.

The board approved Physical Education as a focus of study, which will provide flexibility for some student athletes in fulfilling state requirements for a focus of study.

Two courses were approved as for-credit classes at the high school. ACT Prep will now count for half a credit and will factor into students’ grade point averages. Director Watkins hopes this will add some accountability for students and improve the effectiveness of the course. Plant Science and Hydroculture will be a state dual-credit course.

Director Watkins’ report to the board included a dozen resignations and 21 new personnel hires. He also supplied a report, as required by board policy, of all bullying cases brought to the attention of school official during the previous year, of which there were none.

He announced that the fall school district meeting would be Tuesday, September 18 at Trenton Special Schools.

He also relayed that, per new Tennessee legislation, the phrase “In God We Trust” must be prominently displayed in each of the three schools.

As usual, there will be no board meeting in July. The next meeting is Tuesday, August 7.

Board members Greg Barker, Elaine Brown and Jan Latimer were absent.


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