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Community Responds to Hospital Closing

Community Responds to Hospital Closing

Laurel Cary said, “It will even affect those at MMC. This is terrible for the community.”

Garrett Burns said, “All four of our kids were born at MMC. Incredible labor & delivery. We’ve gone to the ER twice this past month with injuries. It’s disconcerting when you have young ones and have to drive or wait for an ambulance to receive ER care.”

Deborah Brown said, “Our little town is in trouble.. I wonder if anyone could tell us the last time McKenzie received a business that provided a significant improvement in employment for us. Is anyone seriously working for the survival of our town?”

Teresa Bodkin said, “Sometimes the difference between life and death is just minutes. This is not in the public’s best interest and it will hurt the local economy and families.”

Cathey Sager Stambaugh said, “Sad, Sad Day…Our Town Has Lost So Many Jobs…[Loss] Of Jobs Has Affected Our Small Business For Sure…” Michelle Langley Fuqua said “Sad, sad, sad for this lil’ town. Prayers for everyone.”

Pamela Kay Wilson said, “Hate so many will be losing their livelihood, not to mention what effect this has on so many other things, businesses that might not come to our town to everyday emergency services it will be a great loss for McKenzie.”

Kayla Woods said, “I had my second born at [MRH]! Dr. Amy P. and Dr. Justin Reno delivered my baby girl. I was very pleased with how well I was cared for from the operation room to my 3 day stay at the hospital! Bedside manners they all get 100!! I am sadden to see this and know it harshly affects the employees, but will really hurt the community. From experience with my granddad almost dying at the Huntingdon Hospital due to the neglect he was given, Jackson is now the only place we go for emergencies! Nothing against McKenzie but Jackson is more staffed and more prepared for big situations! Prayers for all affected of the Hospital closing!”

Linda R. Mudge said “This is not good.”

Kristy Fields Goodrum said, “McKenzie played part in saving my life next to God, I hate to see it close. I didn’t have long or I wouldn’t have made it. Glad they were close and quick to take care of my needs. So sad for our community, and prayers for all affected.”

Daisy West “Unacceptable. I have worked closely with them and I have been a patient. I am definitely concerned as to what will happen when this is all said and done.”

Elizabeth Hatchett said, “Sad day for McKenzie, Tenn.”

Jill Whitfill said, “My 98-yearold father uses the facilities at SportsWorks twice a week and is still active because of it. The hospital was a God-send when his blood sugar dropped drastically and he passed out because of it. Not sure he would have made it to the next closest ER.”

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