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Remarks from Tennessee Democrat Party

Remarks from Tennessee Democrat Party

Tennessee Republicans’ Failure Of Leadership Forces Another Rural Hospital Closure

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 27) — In response to the announcement that McKenzie Regional Hospital in West Tennessee will close its doors in September, Tennessee Democrat Party Chair Mary Mancini issued the following statement: “Due to the failure of Tennessee Republicans to expand Medicaid, Tennessee leads the nation in rural hospital closures, and McKenzie Regional marks the 11th such closure in recent years,” Mancini said. “McKenzie is closing specifically because of a rise in uninsured patients and the lack of reimbursements from insurers, including Medicaid. Now more Tennesseans are losing access to a medical facility close to home and another town is losing jobs. Every Tennessean deserves nearby access to an emergency room if their child breaks an arm or a parent has a heart attack. For purely political reasons, Tennessee Republicans have decided that it’s the new normal to have to drive hours to the closest emergency room — demonstrating a severe lack of leadership. It also underscores the urgency of electing a Democratic governor in November and more Democrats to the State House and State Senate who will do everything in our power to pass Medicaid expansion and find a solution that works for everyone.

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