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Responses from Baptist Medical Group


Responses from Baptist Medical Group

The Banner asked for further details from Baptist officials regarding the following questions.

McKenzie Regional Hospital delivered babies. Will Baptist?

Baptist Carroll County does not currently offer labor and delivery services and we don’t have plans to add them at this time. However, three hospitals within 40 miles of McKenzie offer labor and delivery services, including Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City.

What are the plans for the vacant McKenzie campus?

Once the assets have been transitioned to Baptist, we will assess potential options for future use of the campus. One option under consideration will be to sell.

Will Priority Ambulance keep a base in McKenzie, Mc-Lemoresville, and Bruceton?

Baptist’s leadership will work with the City of McKenzie and Carroll County to develop the best ambulance service solution to ensure seamless, uninterrupted 911 response to both the city and county during the transition. Baptist’s ambulance service partner, Priority Ambulance, will begin managing staff and vehicles on Oct. 1. The level of EMS staffing and ambulances serving McKenzie will remain unchanged during the transition. Priority will continue to have ambulances stationed at McKenzie within the city limits to serve the community. Priority will have Baptist-branded ambulances positioned within Carroll County in McLemoresville, Bruceton and Huntingdon. These other Carroll County ambulances will be available to provide support to the City of McKenzie during times of high call volume, community events or other needs.

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