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Butler Remarks on Victory, Plans

Butler Remarks on Victory, Plans

Joseph Butler was ecstatic Thursday evening after the results were announced and declaring him the victor in his first-ever political campaign.

The Colonial Tea Room was filled with excited supporters who celebrated his victory.

Butler said he chose the top local elective position. His message was one of unity and growth. He assumes office on September 1.

“I have always been in the private sector. I follow my father, who served as county mayor and county trustee.

I have been in higher education my entire professional career, which gave me the experience.”

He said he grew up seeing his father in leadership roles and served so well and seeing what he meant to his community and how people looked to him for help.

He said he and wife, Meagan, were very prayerful about their decisions and very mindful of the pros and cons.

“I looked at it with a lens with a wife and three young kids. I just saw a Carroll County, that I was worried whether or not it was built for them. I am very mindful of the future and really building something special for them and for future generations,” said Butler.

Speaking of whether this office is a stepping stone for future offices, Butler said, “Not for me, this is what we are focused on. We want this to the area where we can serve and others can benefit from our service. I have no desire to go to Nashville. This is home. I love home. I want to be a servant of Carroll County. “

As for his win over a 20-year incumbent, Butler said, “We are a very fiscally conservative county and I give credit to Mayor Mc-Bride and his commission for that. He deserves a lot of credit for that. But it’s that eye for the future. People are very worried about the trajectory of the county. Population-wise, we have seen a decline over the years. A county of less than 28,000 people now, the rate we are losing people and losing quality jobs is rather frightening for our county. That was people’s biggest concern.”

“We are going to figure out how my experience and the experience of many other bright individuals and groups in the community can drive this thing forward together. I have lots of plans for things we want to build upon and lots of things to come together on. Those are the things we will start working on immediately. Coming together, leveraging our assets together, we have so many smart, talented, passionate people around here who want to be involved. That will be a constant focus of ours.”

“We are going to work on drawing people together, empowering each other, and uplifting each other. We talked about unity this whole process. It has been received really well.”

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