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Schools Report Early Enrollment

Schools Report Early Enrollment

McKenzie, Huntingdon, West Carroll and Clarksburg have reported early enrollment of students.

McKenzie indicated an enrollment of 1,284 for 2018, compared to 1,285 at the same period last year, but down from the closing numbers of 2017-18 school year.

McKenzie Elementary reported 507, McKenzie Middle reported 392, and McKenzie High reported 385 students for the opening days of 2018. In 2017, the MHS enrollment was reported at 425.

Huntingdon indicated an enrollment of 1,289, up from 1,251 reported the same time last year.

The 2018 enrollment at Huntingdon is as follows: Huntingdon Primary 393, Huntingdon Middle School 527, and Huntingdon High School 369.

West Carroll reported a total of 906 students, the same as in 2017 for early enrollment. Enrollment is as follows: West Carroll Primary 223, West Carroll Elementary, 258, and West Carroll Junior-Senior High 446.

South Carroll (Clarksburg) reported early enrollment of 357 including Pre-K through 12th grade. That is up from the early enrollment of the previous year at 349.

School officials also indicate early enrollment numbers fluctuate as some students enroll late and other disenroll.

Photos by Joel Washburn and Brad Sam/The Banner

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