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Weakley County: Mayor Bynum, Sheriff Wilson Win

Weakley County: Mayor Bynum, Sheriff Wilson Win

After weeks of candidates campaigning for public office at the local and state levels, the voters have cast their ballots and the results are in for the August 2, 2018 Weakley County General Election and State Primary. Out of 15,928 registered voters, a total of 6,863 ballots (43.09 percent) were cast in the Weakley County Aug. 2 General Election and State Primary.

Of this number, 5,040 votes were cast by Republicans, 1,508 were Democrats and 314 were non-partisan.

In the Aug. 2 Weakley County General Election, incumbent Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum (I) of Dresden, now in his first term of office, won re-election with 3,972 votes. Challenger, Jason Plunk (R) of Sharon, who currently serves as a member of the Sharon City Board, came in second with 2,750 votes.

Sheriff Michael A. Wilson (D), who has held his job for the past 36 years, won re-election with 3,490 votes, while former Martin Police Chief David Moore (R) came in a close second with 3,286 votes.

Candidates elected to the Weakley County Commission are as follows (two seats per district): In District 1, the top two vote getters are incumbent Donald J. Doster (R), who received 481 votes; and challenger Bobby Dunlap (R), who garnered 480. Losing his bid for re-election was incumbent James F. Bynum (D), who received 302 ballots cast in his favor.

Incumbents Larry Hudson (I) and Eric Owen (I), who were unopposed, won re-election in District 2 with 515 votes and 448 votes respectively.

In District 3, incumbents Greg Usery (I) and James Roy Pope (I) were unchallenged in their bid for re-election. Usery received 586 votes and Pope 511 votes.

The only candidates on the ballot in District 4 were incumbent Gary Eddings (R) and newcomer Colton A. Nanney (R). Eddings, who was appointed after Commissioner Carmen Chandler moved out of Weakley County, garnered 815 votes; and Nanney, received 730 votes. District 4 Commissioner Tommy Jones did not seek re-election.

In District 5, Larry Wayne Taylor (R) garnered 466 votes and Scott Fortner (R) received 397 votes. Both men are incumbents.

In a three-way race for the two available seats in District 6, David R. Bell (R) received 217 votes; and Dale Overton (D) won re-election with 179 votes. Joey Mehlhorn (R) came in last with 158 votes. Incumbent District 6 Commissioner Earl Wright chose not to seek re-election.

In District 7, incumbents Roger Vancleave (R) and David Hawks (R) ran unchallenged, with Vancleave receiving 677 and votes Hawks 640 votes.

Incumbents Roger Donaldson (R) and Jack Vincent (D) ran for re-election unopposed in District 8. Vincent garnered 516 votes and Donaldson received 507 votes.

In District 9, incumbents Jimmy Westbrook (D) and Donald Doster (R) were challenged in their re-election bid by newcomer Donnie R. Essary (R). Westbrook received 581 votes; and Essary 512 votes. Doster lost his re-election effort with 453 votes.

Department heads, running unopposed received the following complimentary votes: Trustee – Marci Floyd (I), 6,312 votes; Register of Deeds – April Wright Jones (I), 6,155 votes; Circuit Court Clerk – Jennifer Tharpe Killebrew (I), 6,183 votes; County Clerk – Kim Hughey (R), 6,195 votes; and Road Supervisor – Charles Ross (I) 5,864 votes.

The winners in School Board races are as follows: In District 2, Beau Atkins of Gleason, who was appointed to complete the unfinished term of retiring member Lindell Roney, ran unopposed and was elected to his first full term in office with 565 votes.

Incumbent Jeffery L. Floyd of Greenfield, representing District 3, was completing the unexpired term of John H. Liggett, who resigned to assume the Finance Director’s job. Floyd, who ran for the seat unopposed in his first election bid, received 639 complimentary votes.

In the District 4 School Board race, challenger David Martin Hamlin of Sharon, who garnered 537 votes, won the School Board slot with 537 votes. District 4 School Board member Ali Stalter of Sharon, who was appointed to the post by the Weakley County Commission following the resignation of retiring School Board Chairman Gordon Morris, lost her bid for the office with 419 votes.

Incumbent Steven Vantrease of Martin, who represents District 6 and currently serves as School Board Chairman, ran unchallenged. Vantrease received 326 votes.

In District 8, incumbent John R. Hatler of Martin won re-election without opposition, with 651 ballots cast in his favor.

Incumbent Joshua Moore of Dresden, representing District 9, has been serving out the unfinished term of Kevin McAlpin, who resigned his post. Moore, who ran unopposed, won his first full term in office with 889 votes.

Candidates in the Aug. 2 General Election elected constables in their respective districts are as follows: Results in contested constable races are: In District 1, Terry Odle (I) won with 572 votes, while Anthony Tony Wilson (D) placed second with 192 votes.

Votes cast for the three candidates vying for the constable’s seat in District 9 resulted in Brandon Odle (I), winning with 369 votes. John G. Hilliard, Sr. (R), received 271 votes and Keith Summer (I), 231 votes.

Candidates received the following number of votes in uncontested constable contests: District 2 – Richard Black (D), 505 votes; District 3 – Tony Trimble (I), 603 votes; District 4 – Mike Beal (R), 884 votes; District 5 – no candidate qualified; District 6 – John Cook (I), 307 votes; District 7 Freddie Brasfield (D), 767 votes; and District 8 – Scott Norris (R), 586 votes.

Normally, city elections are every four years in November. However, there was an exception in this year’s General Election. A single alderman’s seat was on the Aug. 2 ballot, instead of being held in 2020, when Gleason is scheduled to have its regular municipal election.

In the 2016 election, Marcus Hopper was elected to the Gleason City Board. However, he soon resigned his post and the Board appointed Keith Radford to fill his seat.

Because the law requires the job be filled by the voters at the next General Election following an appointment, the alderman’s position appeared on the Aug. 2, ballot, instead of on November 6, when other municipal elections will be decided.

In the single City of Gleason alderman’s race, newcomer James Mayor Hines lost his bid to unseat incumbent alderman appointee Keith Radford for the job. Radford garnered 197 votes, winning re-election, while Hines came in second with 53 votes.

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