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Gleason Rotary Club Continues Traditional Pancake Breakfast

Gleason Rotary Club Continues Traditional Pancake Breakfast

GLEASON (February 24) — On Saturday, February 24 the Gleason Rotary Club held its annual pancake breakfast at Simply Southern Café. The morning breakfast brought crowds in from Weakley, Carroll and Henry County.

Despite a loaming storm, steady crowds lined up for a heaping plate of pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Jason Martin, club president of the Gleason Rotary Club, said he was pleased with the day’s turnout. Martin stated, “It’s a wonderful experience when a community comes together to support an organization like Rotary. We projects that help Gleason need funding and those funds come from our friends and partners in the area. Today’s crowd brought in over $2,000. This will help the upkeep of our senior building and other projects along with way.”

Events like the pancake breakfast are instrumental in funding the club’s community projects. The Gleason Rotary Club is a driving force within the Gleason community. The club’s community involvement includes owning and maintaining the Gleason Rotary Senior Center, sponsoring the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, support of the Gleason Parks program and recent construction of an emergency helipad.

The Gleason Rotary Club meets every Monday at 6:00 p.m. at Simply Southern Café.

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