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Heather Melton Honored As 12th Titan

Heather Melton Honored As 12th Titan



NASHVILLE (December 3) — Dr. Heather Melton of Paris was honored as the Tennessee Titans’ 12th Titan at Sunday afternoon’s game, smashing the symbolic sword into the field at the 50-yard line before the game.

Melton lost her husband Sonny in the mass shooting at Las Vegas in October. Both she and Sonny, a registered nurse, worked at Henry County Medical Center in Paris and attended Titans’ games together.

Melton told reporters at the game she was proud to be the 12th Titan, but certainly wishes she was watching the game from the stands with Sonny.

The Titans announced Sunday that the franchise will donate $10,000 to the Sonny Melton Scholarship Fund.

Photo courtesy Tennessee Titans

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