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Lowery Earns 600th Career Win

Lowery Earns 600th Career Win

HUNTINGDON (February 2) — Farris Lowery, coach of the Huntingdon Fillies basketball team, was honored for achieving his 600th win as a head coach. The record was achieved when the Fillies defeated Gleason Lady Bulldogs on December 29. The recognition came following the Fillies game on Friday, February 2.

His record at Huntingdon, in his second stint as head coach, is 229-71. He has coached at Milan, Northside, and Huntingdon and has taken all three schools in the state tournament. He is assisted by his son, Jay. The two men also coach the Fillies softball team.

Pictured is Farris and Jay Lowery during the recognition of Farris’ 600th career


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