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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses

•David Andrew Sikut, 47, of Cedar Grove to Megan Nicole Hopkins Houston, 34, of Cedar Grove.

•Andrew J. Mast, 23, of Hawesville, Kentucky to Barbara N. Borntrager, 20, of Huntingdon.

•Lindsay Faye Morris, 30, of McKenzie to Jamison Anthony Johnson, 27, of McKenzie.

•Brandon Michael Cook, 23, of Trezevant to Emily Ann Dudley, 27, of Trezevant.

•Spencer Sean Allen, 23, of McKenzie to Amber Brantley Wiley, 28, of McKenzie.

•Theodore Patrick Williams, 50, of Huntingdon to Jorden Marie Cate-Klutts, 45, of Huntingdon.

•Brian Lee Page, 43, of Huntingdon to Thereasa Lenora Fuchs Neely, 37, of Huntingdon.

•Michelle Carol Brown, 23, Huntingdon to Andrew Stephen Robillard, 19, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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