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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Donald D. Glenn Halter to Donald Glenn Halter and others in District 7.

•Donald D. Glenn and Phillip Edward Halter to Danny Douglas Halter in District 7.

•Jeff D. and Jacquelyn D. Cibulka to Joseph and Megan Butler in District 11.

•Trevor M. and Jennifer T. Smith to Robin D. and Mary S. Stasik in District 23.

•Frances Jane Snider to Mark L. and Francis Snider.

•Stephen R. and Angela Saylor to Stewart and Susan Church in District 4.

•Robert Dewayne Rogers and others to Robert Dewayne Rogers in District 16.

•Stacy Lynn McWhorter and others to Terry J. Leonard in District 10.

•Gustavo and Olga Vazquez to Robert Gustavo and Olga Vazquez to Troy and Christine Klein in District 6.

•Logan Hubble to Ronnie and Sandra J. Cooper in District 3.

•Miller Contractors, Inc. to Carey Counseling Center Inc. in District 11.

•Juanita Boyce to Sabrina Eilene Carlisle in District 21.

•Michael Coleman McGowan to Michael Lynn Leanne Lamb Summar in District 1.

•Kevin and Starla S. Cupples to Raymond P. Finch in District 4.

•Rosa Elia Fuentes to Carl and Betty McClelland.

•Denise and Ricky Umstead to James Collins in District 11.

•FirstBank to Virginia D. Williams in District 21.

•Richie and Heather Legens Cannon to Christopher Scruggs in District 5.

•Deborah Crocker and others to William Van Der Roest in District 2.

•Diana Kay Skelton to Kellie Birdwell in District 11.

•Lucian Kee to Jason D. Chaney in District 8.

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