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Hunker Down with Kes

All In The Family

By Kesley Colbert
Posted 9/11/18

We are a blessed nation. We just don’t act like it at times. We’d rather fuss and carry on and point fingers at each other than eat chocolate ice cream. Naturally, we are all …

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Hunker Down with Kes

All In The Family


We are a blessed nation. We just don’t act like it at times. We’d rather fuss and carry on and point fingers at each other than eat chocolate ice cream. Naturally, we are all “right”...in our own minds!

A friend of mine put on one of those streaming media networks a list of social programs accrediting the Democratic Party with inventing everything from Social Security to the Affordable Care Act. He mentioned Medicare, the Housing Act of 1949 and The Great Society programs instituted under Lyndon Johnson. The point, of course, was to let us know Democrats are always on “our” side and Republicans are selfish and corrupt scallywags bent on destroying the world.

Humor abounds here. First of all, the Democrats aren’t smart enough to come up with all those programs by themselves. And Republicans aren’t nearly “important” enough to move the world meter one iota. As to selfish and corrupt, I don’t think you can tell a donkey from an elephant when either is working under the cover of darkness!

Thank goodness for the good Democrats. And the right thinking Republicans. Somehow I trust there is still enough of both to keep this country moving forward. The problem right now is you can’t hardly hear the good ones for all the “noise” surrounding the name calling and skullduggery. I can tell you for sure, the screamers and extremist on either side are not a part of the solution...

Finding fault with the “other” party has been a custom in this country since Jefferson and his Anti-Federalist began to whisper behind George Washington’s back. Pick up a history book and read the despicable things the Whig Party said openly about Andrew Jackson. And the Bull Moose Party didn’t like Republicans or Democrats!

Maybe we’re just carrying on an old family tradition. I truly believe there are still enough regular, ordinary, normal Americans to keep everybody in check. It sure might help if this big majority of sensible folks would be a bit more vocal at times.

It also doesn’t help that the “right path” is not always delineated so clearly. Let’s back up to my friend’s reminder of some of the social programs instituted by our government over the years. I mean, who could be against Social Security, Medicare or Affordable Housing.

But you do have to flip that coin over every once in a while and look at the other side. I started paying income taxes in 1963. I was still in high school and didn’t know, or care, if the president was a Republican or a Democrat. But I found out at an early age, government programs cost me money!

I’ve paid in faithfully for five and a half decades. Some of those years when the children were small, I barely had enough to feed them and Uncle Sam at the same time. And I got a little confused as to how much was going to the military, how much to pay some senator’s salary, how much to Medicare...

I know the more I made, the more I was required to send in. It sounded like a Baptist Church. Except the Baptist never made any pretense of sending some of it back to me.

It got to be a habit. They took it right out of my paycheck...kinda like I wouldn’t miss it if they got it before I did. If the government didn’t collect enough by April, I’d have to send them some extra.

Well, after years of paying in like clockwork I finally reached Social Security age. I got a letter informing me they would GIVE me such and such on the third Wednesday...Listen closely here folks, they are not GIVING me one penny! It was rather insulting. They are simply returning a portion of that which I have already blessed them with!

And I had to pay taxes AGAIN on that money! Don’t tell me that’s not double jeopardy! It can’t be legal!

And someone at the coffee shop said there are people receiving Social Security money that NEVER paid a penny into the program. I don’t believe that for a second! No self-respecting Democrat or Republican would ever let that happen. But you get the idea, some laws may not trickle down exactly as they were intended.

Credit, or blame, as to a particular political party or individual law, can be a thin line. And it sometimes takes years to discern.

I did a little math on how much I’ve sent to Washington over the years...and how much they are now “giving” me back. I’ll have to live to be 136 years old to break even...


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